Louisiana’s Largest Medical Cannabis Grower Expands Farm In Ruston

LOUISIANA CANNABIS EXPANSION– The largest producer of medical marijuana in Louisiana says it has expanded its growing operation for 2023. Good Day Farm has cannabis growing operations in several states including Louisiana. David Kirsch, Good Day Farm’s vice president of Ruston operations, says the move is due to various factors.

“The expansion follows other significant improvements that we’ve been trying to make in this program here in Louisiana, that includes more labs for final product testing, expanded access to telemedicine, and even the ability for nurses and psychologists to now make recommendations for their patients,” Kirsch said. “We’ll plan to commence to really grow our operations with demand as our products become a little bit more affordable and accessible throughout the state.”

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Courtesy: Good Day Farm


David Kirsch is Good Day Farm’s vice president of Ruston operations.

The Ruston cannabis farm has added an additional 40,000 square feet, making a total of 225,000 square feet of growing space. MJ-BizDaily, an online publication devoted to the cannabis industry, projects Louisiana’s medical marijuana sales to rise as high as $400 million by 2025. As to when or if Good Day Farm in Ruston will ship Louisiana-grown Cannabis to other markets and other states, Kirsch said it all depends on federal regulations.


Courtesy: Good Day Farm


Good Day Farm added 40,000 square feet of new growing space making a total of 225,000 square feet of growing space at its farm in Ruston, LA.

“As the laws pertain right now we are not allowed to do any interstate commerce. We do have our eyes on the 10-year plan, we are situated quite near the I-20 (interstate) there so if ever the landscape opens up to that, we would be open up to that as well and we’re ready for it.”

According to a report from the LSU AgCenter, Good Day invested more than $50 million in its Louisiana operations in 2022 and produced about 17,000 pounds of marijuana.

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