Aquis weekly movers: Rogue Baron share buying

Spirits company Rogue Baron (LON: SHNJ) non-exec Charlie Wood acquired an initial 600,000 shares at 0.846p each. He also has an interest in the 1.1 million shares owned by Orana Corporate, where he owns 25%. On Wednesday there was also a trade worth £2,990 at 1.37p a share, which helped to push up the share price, which doubled to 1.25p.

Shares in emissions reducing fuel additives supplier SulNOx Group (SNOX)  rose 7.89% to 10.25p after it was announced that four directors have option agreements with 6% shareholder RemNOx Ltd. This would enable the company to acquire a total of 24.08 million shares at 30p each between 6 February and 28 February. That would mean that RemNOx would own 29.9% of SulNOx. Finance director Steven Cowin has given notice and will leave the board at the end of March 2023.

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Digital asset investor Kasei Holdings (LON: KASH) raised £500,000 at 12p a share from Aalto Capital. This is a 12.5% stake. There were eight trades during the week, all worth around £50,000 each. The share price improved 7.41% to 14.5p.

Energy supplier Good Energy (LON: GOOD) has launched a new smart export product for Feed-in Tariff for FiT customers, which could help them to earn more from electricity they generate. There are plans for a new domestic export tariff for households in the next few months. The share price rose 3.13% to 165p.



Hemp and cannabinoid products supplier Yooma Wellness (LON: YOOM) shares continued to decline following the previous week’s news concerning the restructuring of the business due to the depressed market conditions. Unprofitable activities have been wound down and management is still trying to come up with a new strategy. Yooma Wellness requires more cash and other operations may need to be sold. If not, then there could be insolvency proceedings. The share price slumped 44% to 1.75p.

Trading in Pioneer Media Holdings Inc (LON: PNER) will end on the Aquis Stock Exchange on 9 March. Ahead of that date, the share price fell by two-fifths to 7.5p during the week. Trading will continue on the NEO Exchange in Canada.

EDX Medical Group (LON: EDX) acquired Torax Biosciences for the issue of 1.67 million shares at a notional 6p each. The share price fell 11.8% to 3.75p. Torax provides development and pilot scale fabrication of immunochemistry-based assays and diagnostic testing services. The experienced team at Torax was an attraction.

Marula Mining (LON: MARU) signed a co-development and relationship agreement with a subsidiary of South African mining and investment company Q Global Commodities, which had already agreed to subscribe £3.75m for shares. Q Global chief executive will become Marula Mining chairman, subject to regulatory approval and admission to AIM. Marula Mining is expanding its graphite interests through the proposed purchase of a 75% stake in ten licences comprising the Nyorinyori graphite project in Tanzania. The share price fell 4.63% to 5.15p.

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