Celebrate Hemp Day and Low-THC Cannabis’ Wellness Properties All Year Long

In 2023, hemp is no longer synonymous with textiles, biofuel and rope. Today, hemp is just another subgenre of weed, albeit one with a THC percentage lower than 0.3%. But here’s the catch: THC is one of many cannabinoids, some of which are nonpsychotropic and therapeutically reliable, which is what makes hemp, or low-THC cannabis, so appealing. It’s also what makes Hemp Day (Feb. 4) worth celebrating all year long.

We should all consider integrating hemp into our wellness routines now that it’s available in a wide variety of products, including tinctures, gummies and capsules. Plus, hemp is a vibe all on its own, and frankly, if you’re not tuning in, you’re missing out. Here are a few of our favorite hemp products for both the stash box and medicine cabinet.

Plain Jane CBD Pre-Rolls

For smokers who have trouble navigating the evolving world of low-THC strains, Plain Jane is a great place to source robust hemp cultivars that deliver satisfying, flavorful and smoky AF smokes without the cottony head trip. However, its hemp does deliver a deeply relaxing body buzz and overall sense of calm. Unlike other popular online hemp brands, Plain Jane’s cannabis is all grown either in house or at one of its sustainable partner farms in Southern Oregon. Therapeutic users on the hunt for a specific cultivar, take note: Plain Jane sells no fewer than 10 unique strains.

BUY: plainjane.com

East Fork Cultivars Blue Orchid Organic Hemp CBD Oil

No conversation about Oregon hemp is complete without mentioning East Fork Cultivars, the trailblazing business behind Portland’s celebrated Hemp Bar. Integrating one (or all) of the brand’s tinctures into your daily wellness routine could prove beneficial for years to come. Aside from leveling out your mood and relieving pain, CBD can act as a neuroprotectant and has anti-inflammatory properties.

BUY: eastforkcultivars.com

Sway Blunts X Royal Rose Petal Blunt

The low-dose smokes produced by Sway feel like they should be held onto for a special occasion, particularly this blunt produced with Royal Rose: a hand-rolled, petal-encased hemp blunt. For the uninitiated, using rose petals as rolling paper, or as part of a mélange of smoking herbs, is a generations-old technique that adds a sweet, slightly feminine and altogether uplifting perfume to the experience. These blunts could be a great way to introduce a newbie to both low-dose herb and the entourage effect that results from the alternative wrap.

BUY: swayblunts.com

Oracle Wellness Tincture Formula 003 Awake and 004 Sedate

Another line of tinctures designed for self-care is Oracle Wellness’ Awake and Sedate. Both were formulated by cannabis chef Megon Dee, whose hemp solutions are consistently highly rated for both their efficacy and culinarily informed terpene profiles. For those who’ve eschewed low dosing for astro traveling, Oracle also sells a hemp-based CBD tincture designed to calm an unmanageable high.

BUY: oraclewellnessco.com

Barbari Hemp & Botanical Pre-Rolls

Spliff aficionados with an affection for botanical blends are probably already aware of the Barbari line of adaptogenic smoking herbs, crafted for pairing with cannabis. These pre-rolls stand apart from others because they’re made with a variety of leaves, seeds and flowers rather than tobacco. That results in magically perfumed products with complex flavors.

BUY: barbarishop.com

Make & Mary Adaptogenic CBD Massage Oil

A high-quality hemp topical is a must-have item in your medicine cabinet, and while Oregon boasts a number of hemp brands that produce those products, none deliver them as elegantly as Make & Mary. Made with the same scent profile as its Face & Body Serum (herbaceous and woody with a floral undertone), this massage oil is made with ashwagandha, aloe and rosehip seed. Use it after soaking in a bath in order to help soothe and relax your body.

BUY: makeandmary.com

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