Name the drugs obtained from Cannabis (Hemp plant).

question here is a name the drugs that obtained from the Cannabis hemp plant so when we talking about the Cannabis Cannabis contains the compound can are banaa it’s ok cannabinoids and the most notable cannabinoid at present in the cannibals or drive from the Cannabis compound is a b o cannabinoid phytocannabinoids tetrahydro Tetra hydro cannabinol ok Bina this is a compound that is m be present in the Cannabis ok so when we talking about this group of the chemical this cannabinoid so here it is interest in our body when it goes inside her body it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors ok this chemical compound reacts with me

cannabinoid Chemicals receptor that present in the body of the person for human and these receptors are mainly present in the brain can say that the receptor mainly affects the central nervous system of the person as well as a cardio vascular system of the person when we talking about the drug the drugs is obtained from the Cannabis are like mariduena ok Oswal Nari Deewana then Ashish ok Ashish and Charas Ganja ok name of some drugs that is obtained from the cannabinus here the part of the Caribbean

plant which we called as if the name of the plant is weak Cannabis Cannabis sativa ok this is the name of the plant Cannabis sativa and from this plant be obtained from the inflorescence of the plant ok letters from the flour and laptops and Lee and the reason of the plant is used in the formation of the various drugs ok but we can say that used in various combinations that is used as the drugs name of the drugs which are obtained from the Cannabis sativa which is hand plant thank you

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