North Carolina Senate to Vote on Legalizing Medical Marijuana Use Next Week

North Carolina is on the verge of legalizing medical marijuana consumption after a bill allowing the use of cannabis for medical purposes was approved by the Senate Rules Committee. The bill will now be taken to the Senate floor for a vote after clearing the judiciary and finance panels earlier in the week.

The rules committee is led by Sen. Bill Rabon of Brunswick County, who has been a champion of the medical marijuana issue for several years. The proposed legislation permits people with one of over a dozen debilitating medical conditions, or those with terminal illnesses or in hospice, to use cannabis with a doctor’s express permission. The bill also lays out strict controls for using and distributing medical marijuana.

Ten entities could receive licenses issued by a new commission to grow and process cannabis and sell it at each licensee’s retail outlets. The state will receive payments equal to 10% of monthly revenues.

While supporters of the bill are pleased with the progress made, social conservatives remain ardently opposed to legalizing medical marijuana, citing a lack of evidence that cannabis is an effective medical treatment. However, bill supporters often focus on how medical marijuana relieves symptoms.

Overall, the proposed legislation in North Carolina is a step forward for legalizing medical marijuana in the state. While there are still some opponents of the bill, supporters are hopeful that it will be passed into law and that medical marijuana will soon be available to people who need it.


North Carolina bill that would make medical marijuana consumption legal set to reach Senate next week


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