Why CBG Is Becoming More Popular

Just a few years ago, hardly anyone knew about the obscure hemp cannabinoid known as CBG. Now, though, market analyst BDSA reports that CBG has shown 1000%+ gains in certain markets, heralding the dawn of a multi-cannabinoid hemp market.


What are the most important drivers behind CBG’s recent boost in popularity, and how do you use that information to find the best suppliers of wholesale CBG isolate or other CBG products? Learn the reasons that Cannabigerol is suddenly famous, and find out how to adapt to the cannabinoid market this simple compound has suddenly upended.

What Is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a unique cannabinoid found in various strains of hemp and cannabis. While CBD is usually the dominant cannabinoid in hemp, certain strains have recently been bred to be CBG-rich instead, making it feasible to produce this cannabinoid in mass quantities for the first time.


Like CBD, CBG is non-intoxicating, but its effects are usually described as being more uplifting than relaxing. The reason Cannabigerol has received attention recently is for the ways it’s different from CBD. There appear to be things CBG can do that CBD cannot, carving out a legitimate niche for this cannabinoid within the natural health market.

Why Is CBG Becoming More Popular?

Let’s explore five of the most important drivers of CBG’s recent growth:

1. Unique Benefits

CBG is very similar to CBD, but it’s different enough to be in demand as its own substance. While CBD appears to mostly interact with systems in your body that control serotonin and inflammation, for instance, Cannabigerol has primarily been investigated for its digestive and antibacterial benefits.


Shoppers are starting to become aware that CBG is more than just a novel form of CBD they haven’t tried before. Cannabigerol is beginning to stand out as its own substance within the modern pharmacopeia of natural health products, led by anecdotal reports promoting its usefulness for pain, nausea, and all manner of other conditions.

2. Widely Available

Like the case with CBD, the benefits of CBG appear to be wide-ranging, and even wider is CBG’s current availability. Which is now streaming in from farms all across the United States. As the CBD boom of 2019-2020 started slowing down, many farmers switched to CBG hemp, meaning that there’s lots of CBG to go around at the moment.


Now that CBG is a widely accepted cannabinoid. There most likely will always be a lot of this cannabinoid to go around from this point onward. By becoming mainstream, CBG has done three things: 1) indirectly validated the CBD industry, 2) opened up a new cannabinoid, and 3) created the precedent for additional cannabinoids entering the market, such as CBN and CBC.

3. Maturing CBD Industry

It’s an unavoidable fact that the CBD industry is maturing, which can seem like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, CBD is now ubiquitous and widely accepted. Which is something hemp activists have worked toward for decades.


On the other hand, though, the massive growth that the CBD industry once boasted has now been passed on to other cannabinoids — namely CBG and CBN. A recent BDSA report shows how Cannabigerol sales grew more than 1000% in Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon in 2022, marking some of the fastest overall growth ever seen in the hemp industry.

4. Increased Consumer Awareness

More CBG is being sold for one very simple reason: More people are aware that CBG exists. Helped along by social media, awareness of CBG’s unique benefits has spread like wildfire, resulting in a surge of acceptance that most likely goes beyond the expectations of even the most optimistic influencers.

5. Growing Popularity of Natural Health

Overall, natural health is taking over the mainstream of culture, and cannabinoids continue to play an ever-greater role in the natural health movement. Now that they’ve been accepted into the fold, expect cannabinoids to rise in the wave of popularity that natural treatments will experience overall during the next five years.

Yes, CBG Is the New CBD

It certainly appears that lightning has struck twice and that Cannabigerol is destined to become just as much of a runaway success as CBD. Both cannabinoids show roughly equal virtue — though often in separate areas — and both are now just as easy to obtain. The only possible result is a thriving future Cannabigerol industry, helped along by the timely contributions of intrepid entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference.

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