7. Use Table 1 to graph the calibration curve of

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7. Use Table 1 to graph the calibration curve of 9-THC and THCA. Step-by-step instructions. a. Open an new excel spreadsheet. b. Focusing on just cannabinoid for now: in column , put the concentrations of the calibration standards and in column B put the peak area with the corresponding standard concentration. For example, the peak area for THCV at is 7.794. So column A would be 1 and column b would be . c. Under the insert tab, click on “insert scatter (X,Y) chart” and just use a scatter plot. d. Right click on the blank chart and click “select data”. e. Click on “Add”. Either type in the Cannabinoid or on the cell with the cannabinoid in the series name. Select column A values for the ” values” and column b values for the ” values”. f. Click “OK” two times. You should now how a fairly linear plot of 6 dots. g. Don’t forget to add axis titles. Hint: look at table 1.

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