What Is THC-P? | Herb

Tinctures are discreet, versatile, and intensely potent. Thank Binoid. We have its THC-P Tincture with 1000 mg of the most potent cannabinoid there is and Delta 8 THC. Each drop of THC-P is the promise of a dream you are about to experience.

To enjoy a tincture, you only need to add them to your coffee or favorite beverage. Or put them under your tongue and hold them for a few minutes if you prefer a quick hit. Nevertheless, go slow with the dosage. Tinctures are a highly pure form of cannabinoids, and the MCT oil shortens the abortion time.

The THC-P Tincture produces a heavy buzz that will make you feel like traveling out of your body. At first, you feel light and numb while your mood turns euphoric and blissful. After some minutes, you might feel sleepy.

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