Nixa City Council discussing where marijuana dispensaries may operate

NIXA, Mo. (KY3) – On Monday evening, city council members in Nixa will yet again be talking about marijuana. This time, the topic of conversation surrounds how close recreational dispensaries can be to churches, schools, and daycares within city limits.

At the moment, Missouri state law says dispensaries, both medical and recreational, have to be at least 1,000 feet from churches, schools, and daycares. Nixa officials say they don’t want to change that, they just want to make it part of city rules.

Mojo Dispensary in Nixa has been around since 2021 when medical marijuana was legalized in Missouri. The dispensary says it took some time to figure out where to set up its store. It’s now 250 feet away from a daycare center, but because it was there before guidelines for medicinal marijuana were set, they don’t have to move.

“We are 250 feet away from a daycare,” said Mojo Dispensary’s Director of Marketing Makenna Schwien. “And it actually does not affect our business in the way that it would other businesses coming in.”

Drew Douglas with the city of Nixa says the city is adopting the state law in Nixa to avoid any confusion.

“We don’t want to have this situation where well, the city documents say to do this, but then the state says to do this, it’s better for us to update our city documents, so they align with what the state’s going to be enforcing,” said Douglas. “And the state did give cities a little bit of leeway on some things. And so we’ve we’re trying to adopt language that kind of fits with the recommendations from the state.”

But Schwien says though they’ll be grandfathered, she’s just happy new businesses will have set rules.

“We’ve all been waiting for these kinds of guidelines and rules,” said Schwien. “It’s very hard to operate based on what you think might happen. So the fact that we actually have something concrete now is very exciting for all of us in the cannabis community.”

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