Statewide Variation in Cannabinoid Regulations

. 2023 Mar 1;106(2):31-33.


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Katherine Stewart et al.

R I Med J (2013).



As a growing number of states legalize the use of cannabinoids for medical and non-medical purposes, there continues to be large gaps in the understanding of appropriate dosing, impact on health, and the state’s role in regulation of products. Here, we present a summary of 2022 cannabis regulations by state to evaluate for the presence of THC:CBD ratios, maximum THC concentration or content within products, specific caps for cannabis possession, and requirements for testing for cannabinoid content and/or contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals. These results are presented in Map 1 and Table 1 and demonstrate substantial variation among product THC content, purchasing limits, and quality measurements across the country. Finally, we note there is currently no centralized data collection platform for this set of information between states as cannabis use evolves, creating poor transparency between consumers and state regulators.


cannabis; cannabis potency; cannabis regulation.

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