Experts tout the benefits of micro-dosing cannabinoids

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – As cannabinoids become more popular in Illinois, leaders in the industry find new ways people can benefit from it.

“People are really looking for that level where the pain goes away, where they actually do have the pain relief and they can function and go through their day without feeling stoned at all,” said Erik Carlson with Buckbee Weed Company in Rockford.

When you think of micro-dosing, you might think of Silicon Valley. It’s a practice made popular by those in the tech industry, experimenting with psychedelic substances to boost creativity.

However, micro-dosing with cannabinoids is much different.

“Micro-dosing can give them medicinal benefits for pain relief, for anxiety, people come in with migraines or stomach issues,” said Toby Wachlin with The Happy Cannabis Company in Loves Park.

Carlson and Wachlin say the practice helps people like retired first responders and athletes.

“This provides good stress relief, particularly for first responders who suffer from PTSD in many occasions. This is an excellent therapeutic,” Carlson said.

But it isn’t for everyone.

“THC and CBD are gonna affect everyone differently. We recommend you experiment safely and find out what works best for you,” Wachlin told 23 News.

Supporters of the plant say we’ve just scratched the surface of its possibilities.

“The science is very new on this and so much of that is because the federal laws outlawed any sort of research on this for 60 years. So it’s really just one plant that is behind on where the research should be,” said Carlson.

Companies like Buckbee’s are in the process of dialing in which cannabinoids help with specific effects. So in the future, you know which type would make you less anxious or take away more pain.

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