Best CBD Products For Stress: Oils, Gummies, & Capsules

COA or bust

There’s a dizzying amount of CBD products on the market these days. One non-negotiable piece of quality info you should look for is a certificate of analysis (COA) from third-party lab testing. Look for a third-party analysis of the product—that’s how you can be sure you are getting quality CBD,” says Jameson.

CBD type

Choosing the right type of CBD for your lifestyle will be an important first step in picking a product. We picked full-spectrum hemp products for this list because they’re most likely to produce mood benefits (thanks to the entourage effect we mentioned above!).* However, because full-spectrum products contain the array of compounds from the hemp plant, this also means they include 0.3% or less THC by dry weight (i.e., trace levels within the federal limit and won’t get you high). If you would prefer to be THC-free, broad-spectrum hemp or CBD isolate products still may prove beneficial. 

Product type

What causes your stress will help you determine the best type of product for you. Most people report calming effects from an ingestible CBD, like a gummy, capsule, or oil tincture.* However, a soothing massage oil or topical pain-relief cream could help relieve tension or aches,7 which often accompany (or, in some cases, cause) stress. 

Pricing options

If you’re new to CBD, you may be surprised by how expensive it can get, especially in higher potency products. Unless you’re a CBD pro and are confident that you’ll experience benefits, consider prioritizing a brand that offers a smaller trial size (like NuLeaf Naturals) at a lower price so you can give it a test drive. There are also plenty of brands on our list that offer subscription discounts, too! 

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