Absence of Age Verification for Online Purchases of Cannabidiol and Delta-8: Implications for Youth Access

. 2023 Mar 2;S1054-139X(23)00067-8.

doi: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2023.01.020.

Online ahead of print.


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Kathleen L Egan et al.

J Adolesc Health.




This study assessed the age verification process for purchasing and shipping cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol products from online retailers.


We purchased CBD and Delta-8 products online from 20 brick-and-mortar shops located in the United States that sold products online and shipped products to consumers. We documented online age verifications at the time of purchase and whether identification or a signature was required at delivery.


37.5% of the CBD and 70.0% of the Delta-8 websites required the customer to confirm their age (18 + or 21+ years). Age verification or contact with the customer was not requested at the point of home delivery for all products.


Methods for age verification at time of purchase are self-reported and easily circumvented. Policies and policy enforcement are needed to prevent youth access to CBD and Delta-8 products from online sources.


Access; Adolescent; CBD; THC; Youth.

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