How is HHC-P Made?

What is HHC-P?

The cannabinoid market continues to grow. It began with delta products. It became THC-based and then HHC-based. With cannabis technology increasing, now is the perfect time to be a committed hemp enthusiast. Many have already discovered the benefits of THC-8 and THC-10, THC-10, and THC0.

Especially with the introduction of hexahydrocannabiphorol (HHC-P). Suppose this cannabinoid sounds like a cross between HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) and tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P), it kind of is. We do have some information about HHC. We know that hemp users will enjoy P and HHC to the fullest extent. You can easily search for HHCP online.

What is HHC-P, and how does it get made?

HHC-P refers to a type of THC-P. We’re sorry for any confusion. THC-P was discovered for the first time in 2019. THC-P is powerful because it can bind 31x to CB1 receptors more than delta-9 THC in your brain. It is even 10x more potent than traditional THC compounds. THC-P’s enhanced potency is due to 7 extra carbon atoms in its side chain.

HHC-P refers to the hydrogenated form of THC. It is a hydrogenated version of THC-P.

List of HHCP Benefits

  • Experience with extreme mental and physical abilities
  • Chilled
  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Anxiolytic properties
  • Relief
  • Happy Experience
  • Better mood

Hexahydrocannabiphorol’s psychoactive properties make it extremely popular, even though we still have a lot to learn. It is often compared to THC-P. These cannabinoids are synergistic and work together to provide heightened moods and relaxation.

Euphoria is the key to understanding hexahydrocannabiphorol (HHC-P) high. Many people describe HHC-P as a stronger cannabinoid than any other. The high can last long, unlike other cannabinoid products offering only a short phase of euphoria.

Some users report feeling an overall body lift and euphoria. This is a great way to relax and relieve physical tension.


  • Experience with extreme mental and physical abilities
  • Dry Mouth
  • Headache
  • It can last anywhere from 1-2 hours
  • A powerful body experience

Too much HHC-P can lead to severe side effects, as with all psychoactive compounds. You can gradually increase your dose as you become more familiar with the impact of the drug.

Hexahydrocannabiphorol should not be used if you plan to drive, operate heavy machinery, or perform significant tasks. Before you start using HHC/P, discussing your prescription and non-prescription medications with your doctor is essential. Your doctor will access your medical records and determine whether HHC/P should be part of your treatment plan.

Is HHC/P legal?

HHCP products are legal to sell because it conforms with the 2018 Farm Bill. This law states that hemp derivatives can be legally sold if they exceed 0.3% delta9THC by dry weight. Hexahydrocannabiphorol is protected by federal law. It takes more work to follow state regulations.


HHC/P does not exist in the hemp plant as a natural component. HHC/P and THC/P are. Most hemp products today, including delta 8, THC/P, and HHC, are obtained through isomerization. You can create a new cannabinoid by isomerizing cannabidiol molecules, such as CBD (CBD).

Is there a single cannabinoid isomer? How? All of them are derived from cannabigerol, the first cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It then splits into over 100 cannabinoids as the plant matures. Translation: All cannabinoids have the same molecules. They can be rearranged to make other cannabinoids. HHC-P can be highly affordable because of the high amount of CBD in cannabis.


Yes, hexahydrocannabiphorol is a synthetic cannabinoid created in a lab by a professional scientist. HHC-P cannot be found in nature, so it must be synthesized in the laboratory. This is why it is crucial to know the industry’s requirements for determining what HHC-P products you receive.


Hexahydrocannabiphorol is a psychoactive cannabinoid, and that’s for sure. HHC-P can be a psychoactive cannabis compound. THC-P can be 10x more toxic than delta 9 and is similar to HHC-P.

We don’t know the exact peak of HHC-P, but it’s safe to assume that this potent cannabinoid is one beginner should be able to take lightly.

We don’t know much more about highs. But, many describe it as euphoric, which makes sense, considering its similarities to tetrahydrocannabiphorol. Although we don’t see a lot, it is enough to say that many users desire an intense THC high and an immediate burst of euphoria.


Again, this is where the newness hexahydrocannabiphorol fails us. HHC-P is a new product that has not undergone clinical trials. It is a cannabinoid that acts on CB1 cells faster than delta-9 THC.

It is likely that its effects on the nervous systems (where the CB1 receptors from the endocannabinoid system call home), are pretty strong. This could have a positive impact on physical discomfort, appetite, and nausea, as well as sleep quality and cognitive outcomes. This is something we hope to find out more about in the future.

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