Marijuana advocates meet to promote medical marijuana in Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – Advocates for medical marijuana met just off State Line road in Missouri to promote medical marijuana in Kansas on Saturday. The event was held at Our House KC at 39th and State Line road, just into Missouri.

“22 feet that way, cannabis is legal,” said Kansas Cannabis Coalition Education Chair, Morgan Seaman. “Where I’m standing, I’m a criminal.”

Advocates for medical marijuana in the state of Kansas say it’s past time for the Sunflower State to provide its residents with access to medicinal cannabis.

“I think this is an opportunity for the Kansas legislature to show that their people are important to them and that their health matters to them,” said advocate Crissy Dastrup.

The people gathered in Missouri on Saturday say medical marijuana provides families with an alternative treatment options, instead of the traditional treatment plans.

“The benefits outweigh the risks tremendously,” said advocate Wendy Turner. “I would rather have my son on cannabis than have him on the morphine he was on for years.”

“How many people are on a medicine that has a side-effect that has another medicine, that has a side-effect that has another medicine?” said advocate and retired army veteran Chris Wolfenbarger. “Cannabis doesn’t have that.”

With weed legal in Missouri, some Kansas residents go across the border to pick up their supply. Rally goers said those people take an unnecessary risk when they transport their pot back across the state line.

“I have family members that are dealing with cancer, who are worried about how do they take care of themselves but not get arrested,” said advocate Brandon Jones.

Saturday’s rally-goers were of one mind — it’s time for medical marijuana in Kansas.

“It’s just time for Kansas to pass a law,” said Nathan Hiatt, the Membership Chair of the Kansas Cannabis Coalition. “There is patient suffering in Kansas. We are, as the coalition, that is what we are for. We’re for the patients.”

“It’s so hard not to help but knowing that that there is something out there that will help them, but they can’t access it, is heartbreaking,” said Turner.

Marijuana in all forms remains illegal in Kansas.

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