Triumph Higher Education Acquires Medical Cannabis Certifier

One of the major accredited providers of online culinary education in the U.S. is getting into the marijuana education and certification business.

According to a news release last week, Triumph Higher Education Group, an Illinois-based ed-tech company that owns the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, has acquired Medical Marijuana 411 (MM411), which offers online cannabis education and certification programs for medical and industry professionals and consultants. The news release said MM411 works with governments and medical providers to tailor programs according to a jurisdiction’s regulations, covering topics such as federal and state laws, safe handling, health conditions and related science, dispensary customer service, product use and dosing.

The addition of cannabis education to Triumph’s portfolio represents an expansion into a growing industry. Thirty-seven U.S. states have approved cannabis for medical use to date, and the news release said more than 9,000 people in 20 countries have taken courses through MM411 since its founding in 2009.

“This acquisition demonstrates Triumph’s increased focus on health and wellness and meeting the growing need for accessible, credible education options to improve our world and the markets we serve,” Triumph founder Jack Larson said in a public statement. “As research and state regulations evolve, we believe that it is in the best interest of medical professionals and distribution to have trusted partners in education and compliance.”

The news release said MM411 founder Christine DeVol will remain CEO of that company and become president of cannabis education for Triumph, while an advisory board of medical and industry professionals will carry over to the Triumph Higher Education Group Advisory Cannabis Education Board.

“We look forward to strengthening the MM411 brand and to propelling our mission across the globe, that of medical cannabis education, science and wellness,” DeVol said in a public statement.

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