Nixa signs off on recreational marijuana guidelines

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – On Wednesday evening, Nixa city council adopted an ordinance approving recreational marijuana use guidelines.

City leaders have been discussing how close recreational dispensaries can be to churches, schools, and daycares within city limits.

Right now, Missouri state law says dispensaries, both medical and recreational, must be, at least 1000 feet from churches, schools, and daycares.

Nixa officials say they don’t want to change that, they just want to make it part of city rules and have agreed on a minimum distance of 200 feet.

Mojo Dispensary is the only pot shop in Nixa. It has been in business since 2021 when medical marijuana was legalized in Missouri.

It’s currently 250 feet away from a daycare center, but because it was there before guidelines for medicinal marijuana were set, they don’t have to move.

Dana Sullinger, dispensary owner, says she’s been waiting for the council to adopt recreational use guidelines.

“We went through all of this time and process to get it changed to a thousand feet from schools, daycares, and churches.

Then out of the blue tonight they dropped it to 200. If this was their intention all along it is a little frustrating. We

could have just left the rules the way they are and gone into business a whole lot sooner,” she said.

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