Marylanders want amendments to cannabis reform bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The cannabis reform bill essentially creates a new legal industry.

It impacts everyone from new growers to old growers , medical dispensaries, medical users and the Black Market buyers and sellers.

Now, plenty of people want to make changes.

PAST: Cannabis reform bill continues to be debated in Annapolis

“I think that’s why I believe this is misguided, I don’t believe that wasn’t thought through,” said Nicholas Patrick, Maryland Healthy Alternatives Association.

Patrick came to Annapolis in hopes of getting the cap on a total amount of THC in a product eliminated.

Currently, the bill would cap THC amounts at 2.5 milligrams no matter the size of the product.

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“Which would effectively eliminate and criminalize all full spectrum CBD products, same ones you’ll find in whole foods and your acupuncturist and your massage places,” said Patrick.

Since CBD is sold in larger amounts and is less potent than other products, he wants to see it switched to a percentage cap.

Anthony Tuskov came in hopes of getting the fees for switching his medical locations switched over, lowered.

“What they don’t realize is by tacking on all these fees onto these dispensaries and growers, that it’s going to increase our prices and it’ll be more expensive than the illegal market,” said Tuskov.

Lawmakers have given a reason for the increased fees for medical sellers, switching over as a way to even the playing field for new dispensaries who will get into the market much later.

Aundrea Whitehead and her business partners already have a grow operation in another state but think this bill could help move them to Maryland.

“Well the opportunity for the minority aspect of it cause we’re a minority Black business, all female, three females and we’d like the opportunity to grow in this state,” said Whitehead.

As one of the largest bills in this legislative session, plenty of debate remains.

With recreational cannabis legal July 1, a bill has to get done this session.

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