Oklahomans ‘so tired of a dispensary on every single corner’

He was asked how the rejection of a recreational marijuana measure might affect the state’s legal medical cannabis program.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahomans are tired of seeing a medical marijuana dispensary on every corner, Gov. Kevin Stitt said Friday.

Stitt’s comments were in response to a reporter inquiring whether Tuesday’s resounding defeat of a state question seeking to legalize recreational marijuana was an indication more regulation of medical marijuana was needed.

“I don’t think anybody expected it to be defeated that bad, but as I was traveling the state, I knew Oklahomans didn’t want it,” Stitt said. “They were so tired of a dispensary on every single corner.”

Nearly 62% of those casting ballots Tuesday during a special election on State Question 820 were against it.

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In 2018, Oklahoma voters legalized medical marijuana through the approval of State Question 788.

Stitt said he thinks there is an appetite to tighten up the medical marijuana industry.

“Oklahomans have a big heart, as we all do, that if it is going to help somebody medically then we want that to happen,” Stitt said. 

“But we don’t believe that anybody with a hangnail should be able to get a medical card.”

The state has seen drug bust after drug bust, Stitt said.

Stitt said last year he signed 12 different bills concerning the issue.

“We passed a bill that required grow operations to submit electric and water usage because that is a way we can see what is happening,” he said. “Are they growing more than they are reporting, right.”

The state also placed a moratorium on new licenses, he said.

Stitt said he has been told there is enough cannabis grown in Oklahoma to supply the entire country.

“That is not what this is supposed to be,” Stitt said. “This was supposed to be medical use in the state of Oklahoma, and it has gotten way out of control. So we have to get rid of the bad actors. We have got to get control over that industry.”​

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