Mississippi’s Green Magnolia Maximizes Sales & Compliance with Cova POS


Mississippi’s cannabis industry has been growing rapidly since the legalization of medical marijuana for patients with debilitating health conditions. After the Mississippi Department of Health established regulations for the industry and awarded licenses to multiple cannabis businesses, many dispensaries officially started selling legal medical cannabis earlier this year. More than half the dispensaries in Mississippi are using Cova Software as their cannabis technology provider, and Green Magnolia is just one of them. Cova recently met with Tabatha Estes, the Director of Operations at Green Magnolia dispensaries to learn more about how they are using Cova POS to streamline their dispensary operations.

Stress-Free Cannabis Compliance with Cova in Mississippi

Green Magnolia was established by Jeff Loeb and Doctor Chad Key to help patients with alternate medicine in Mississippi. The founders were motivated to start their dispensary business after a friend of theirs passed away from pancreatic cancer and couldn’t access the help they needed in Mississippi. Tabatha was brought on board to help with the licensing, policies, procedures, paperwork, and scouting needed to open a new business, including the selection of a dispensary point-of-sale system.

Mississippi’s Department of Health urges dispensaries to prioritize compliance. After conducting extensive research, Tabatha selected Cova as Green Magnolia’s dispensary POS because she was impressed with the Cova software’s focus on compliance. With Mississippi’s strict rules and regulations governing cannabis dispensaries, Tabatha and her team found that using Cova made it easier for them to stay compliant, as it eliminated the need to work with multiple companies to ensure their dispensaries were meeting all the legal requirements.

Enhancing Dispensary Experience through Streamlined Operations

Green Magnolia currently has four locations operating with Cova POS, and the team is working on opening a fifth location, as well as a cultivation site. Overall, Tabatha and the team at Green Magnolia have found that using Cova has been extremely beneficial for their business. The software’s ease of use and reliability has helped them streamline their dispensary operations. They’re able to manage the inventory efficiently, keep track of all the sales, and keep everything organized. They find Cova POS extremely dependable as it allows them to focus on what they do best, which is providing their customers with great products and services.

“It’s been very easy for us to be able to go in and see what the budtenders are selling, what’s going on in the store, and organize things from the back end. Cova has been helpful in efficiently managing inventory and staff, and maximizing sales,” says Tabatha.


METRC and MSPMP Reporting with Cova POS in Mississippi

Green Magnolia uses Cova Software to generate Metrc compliance reports. With the 2-way integration of Cova POS and Metrc, the dispensary can track inventory and sales data and automatically generate accurate Metrc reports in real-time, saving the dispensary staff time and effort. Tabatha mentions that the integration between Cova and Metrc makes it easy to move products from the safe room to the sales floor with just a simple click of a button. This helps to ensure compliance with state regulations and accurate Metrc reporting.

Cova POS also includes features to help dispensaries comply with the requirements of the Mississippi Prescription Monitoring Program, which is a state-run database designed to monitor the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances. Cova facilitates automatic reporting of dispensary data to the MSPMP database and helps generate reports that can be easily uploaded to the PMP website. Tabatha discussed that the MSPMP account was a little tricky to set up, but with Cova’s guidance, she succeeded, and now MSPMP reporting is a breeze.

“Cova POS has made MSPMP reporting super easy for us. It automatically formats the required report into a compatible CSV file that can be quickly uploaded to the PMP Clearinghouse website. It literally takes just one click, and it’s done,” mentions Tabatha.

Growth and Success with the Right Cannabis Technology Partner

Cova Software has undoubtedly been a great technology partner for Green Magnolia so far. With highly detailed analytics and reports from the Cova hub that provide a complete overview of the dispensary’s operations, Green Magnolia’s staff can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize their business. With plans to expand the business further, the team at Green Magnolia plans to continue using Cova as their preferred Mississippi dispensary POS system.

“It’s been great to have everything in one place. We can see all of our inventory, all of our sales, all of our customers, all of our reports – everything is just right there in the Cova platform. So it’s definitely helped us be more efficient and effective in running our dispensary,” declares Tabatha.

Green Magnolia’s adoption of Cova POS has certainly helped them streamline their dispensary operations and maintain compliance with the strict regulations in Mississippi. With the software’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting, Tabatha and her team can manage inventory, sales, and staff across multiple locations. Additionally, the Cova hub has allowed Tabatha to access and manage each location’s operations remotely, making it easy to provide support and training to managers at all their locations. By choosing Cova as its dispensary point-of-sale system, Green Magnolia’s team has been able to focus on its mission of providing patients with alternate medicine and making a difference in the community. If you’re looking for the best cannabis POS for your dispensary in Mississippi, click below now.


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