Mystic Medicinal Establishes Classic Strain Durban Poison as Best in Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Marketplace

TULSA, Okla., March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Within the first year of operation Mystic Medicinal’s classic strains have become the talk of the Oklahoma MMJ community, setting the highest standard for what classic craft medical marijuana strains should look, smell, and taste like.

So much so that Mystic’s classic premium strains such as Blue Dream and Durban Poison have been pre selling out before harvest.

“Mystic Medicinal has been growing the best example of Durban Poison I’ve ever smoked. It’s got huge buds with a sweet citrus and apples aroma. The effects are uplifting and euphoric, a perfect example of how a Sativa should make you feel.” –Jared Pendergraft, Purchasing Manager, Nature’s Kiss, Tulsa, OK

Durban Poison is an award-winning classic Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that is highly prized, and has been a sought after fan favorite since the 1970s. The buds of Durban Poison are round and chunky, and leave a thick coating of trichomes on almost all areas of the plant. The most abundant terpenes in Durban Poison is terpinolene, followed by myrcene.

Master grower Josh Freeman said, “I was searching for the equivalent of what I found in Colorado, pre-legalization. The pheno I selected was very unique. Flavorful tangy, citrusy, and golden bubble hash back notes. A major dropper with outrageous funky smells. I feel we have a Durban that’s even better then what I was searching for, exceeding what I had been exposed to previously. Be ready for a treat if you can get your hands on this exclusive classic topshelf strain.”

In a recent fan based r/OKmarijuana subreddit thread, created by a contributor unaffiliated with Mystic, comments and discussion included:

“For those wondering, picked up at Nature’s Kiss Tulsa. Hands down best Durban I’ve had since legalization.”

“If they don’t bring it to OKC I’m driving to Tulsa to get some lmfao, I’ve been looking for good Durban for like a year and a half now! Maybe my fav strain of all time.”

“I purchased this twice in December because it is the best Durban Poison I’ve come across in the state! Smells like fresh apples and honey.”

“They’re sold out, just talked with the purchasing manager, and it sold out in 2 days, again.”

“I’m growing DP at home (and I love the effects), but I only WISH mine was that frosty…wow!”

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