Class action lawsuit over Trulieve layoffs dismissed

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – A class action lawsuit filed in the wake of dozens of layoffs at Trulieve facilities in Gadsden, Jefferson and Madison counties has now been dismissed.

Federal court records show the lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff’s attorney February 28th, and a judge confirmed the dismissal and closed the file in an order dated March 1st.

Ranjill O’Neal filed suit against the medical marijuana company in December 2022 claiming she and another 50-plus employees had been laid off “without cause on or about November 29.” O’Neal and the other workers were suing for unpaid wages, holiday pay, bonuses and more.

O’Neal’s attorney, Tiffany Cruz, telling WCTV, “The case was dismissed as the matter was resolved between the parties.” WCTV has reached out to try to clarify how the case was resolved.

Trulieve spokesman Steve Vancore said, “It is our understanding that the lawsuit was withdrawn by the plaintiff lawyer because it was clear that Trulieve did not violate the WARN Act.”

Trulieve never specified how many employees had been laid off and attributed the job cuts to achieving “greater efficiencies” and “consolidating redundant positions” in the wake of a 2021 merger with Harvest Health and Recreation.

The federal lawsuit was dismissed “without prejudice,” meaning there was no decision on its merits.

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