New Texas bill could expand access to medical marijuana

Texas’ existing medical marijuana program, called the Texas Compassionate Use Program, already allows doctors to prescribe low-THC weed products to qualifying patients. People with cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and a number of other “debilitating medical conditions” currently qualify for the program. 

Under HB1805, people suffering from chronic pain would be added to the list of qualifying medical marijuana patients.

During a legislative session in 2021, Texas lawmakers passed a medical marijuana law that added cancer and PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions—but a provision that would’ve expanded coverage to include chronic pain patients was struck before the bill’s passage.   

Republican Rep. Stephanie Klick of Fort Worth authored the bill and is also the chair of the House Public Health Committee. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Dearman, Klick has “worked to broaden the program in past sessions, said she intends to have a medical program that follows the scientific data.”

There were 45,440 patients in the state’s compassionate use registry and 681 doctors registered to prescribe medical marijuana as of January, according to the Department of Public Safety. 

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