the Winner of the UK Innovate SMART Grant chooses Shimadzu Labmate Online

The UK Innovate SMART grant is a highly competitive initiative designed to advance SME’s and partners with investment in research and development (R&D) in order to pioneer ground-breaking products, processes or services. Successful candidates are eligible for a share of up to £25 million in order to promote novel and world-leading ideas. This prestigious grant was recently awarded to Cannapharma, a market leading company in the CBD product market.

With a focus on creating products in a pharmaceutical environment, world class technology with reliability and quality capabilities were of paramount concern to Cannapharma. As such, Cannapharma selected Shimadzu as their analytical partner to supply the trailblazing Cannabis Analyser Liquid Chromatography instrumentation. 

Cannapharma is proud to be using Shimadzu’s state of the art LC Cannabinoid analyser. Americo Folcarelli (CMO) said: “Cannapharma, with the responsibility of being the first CBD company to receive a UK Innovate SMART grant, we knew we had to ensure that we could bring our customers the highest quality products, and with Shimadzu we are sure that we can do that.”

Adam MacKenzie (COO): “When it comes to cannabinoids, there is no other company with the reputation or the quality of Shimadzu. Building our laboratory, I knew from the start that we were going to use Shimadzu. They are the only company we felt could match the standards that we uphold in all Cannapharma products”.

Shimadzu’s LC Manager, Raymond Wong added: “Shimadzu are very enthusiastic to be partnered on this exciting project with Cannapharma. They have illustrated the advances that can be made in a new and innovative field and highlight the need for vigorous analytical testing for CBD products”.

This powerful collaboration, in addition to the Innovate UK SMART grant, will enable Cannapharma to conduct their cutting-edge research with confidence and with upmost certainty in their cannabinoid product ranges.

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