Ten-year campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky gets Senate backing

Kentucky appears to be on the verge of joining 37 other states with medical cannabis legalization. It’s been a decade-long campaign for proponents.

The bill to legalize medical marijuana is 122 pages and is characterized by supporters as narrowly drawn. It pertains to certain ailments and states that it cannot be smoked. Eric Crawford is a quadriplegic who said medical cannabis is a big help with consistent pain and spasms.

“I’m not shocked. I kind of figured it was gonna pass. But, it’s here and it’s passed and on to the House, we go. And I believe it’s gonna happen this year, so I’m tickled pink,” said Crawford.

Crawford said medicinal cannabis would make a big difference for a lot of people.

The medical cannabis bill passed the Senate 26 to 11. One of those casting a no vote was Senate President Robert Stivers who said through experiences and what he’s read, he’s not been convinced.

Another no-vote came from Senator Gary Boswell of Owensboro.

“This product is a violation of federal law. It’s a drug. Not a medicine. In the end, it’s about this. Money,” said Boswell.

The bill heads to the House after the veto period. It was previously passed giving supporters an optimistic feeling it will pass again this year.

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