A look at high-profile bills in Kentucky Legislature

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Less than two weeks are left in the 2023 legislative session.

Bills about medical marijuana, drag shows, and gender-affirming care still have to pass both chambers.

Senate Bill 47 deals with medical marijuana. State representatives have approved medical in previous sessions, but those measures have failed in the Senate.

A few days ago, a key senator’s vote added more momentum to the bill.

Senate Bill 115 looks at prohibiting adult performances like Drag shows in public places. Lawmakers want to ban drag performances in places where children could be present.

The Do Not Harm Act, also known as HB 470, prevents children under the age of 18 to undergo gender transition services.

Healthcare providers could lose their licenses, and schools would be required to notify parents about sex or gender inconsistencies with their children.

Thursday was the last possible day of the session to advance bills to the other chamber.

Governor Andy Beshear has 10 days to sign the bills currently on his desk into law or veto them. Even then, the bills could be passed over the Governor’s veto by a majority of the members in both houses.

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