Timbr Cigarettes Review: Delta-8, CBD, & CBG

Timbr’s CBG Cigarettes won’t get you high, but they provide elevated well-being without taking off the ground. These cigarettes use premium quality hemp with 50mg of CBG, mouthwatering terpenes profile, and zero nicotine or tobacco.

Every package contains 20 cigarettes, which sums up to 1000mg of CBG. This cannabinoid won’t disconnect you from reality. But it causes intense excitement and blissfulness, making it perfect for those days when mood swings get the best of you.

Even though CBG has a mood-boosting effect, its influence on your body is mainly physical. Thus, you can expect muscle tension to reduce after a few minutes of smoking CBG, reducing pain and helping you experience a moment of peace.

Full-spectrum cigarettes mean that you will experience an entourage effect in which all the compounds in the hemp flower enhance the therapeutic effects of each other.

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