Brokerages unanimously recommend “Hold” for Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSE:ACB).

According to Bloomberg Ratings, the ten research firms currently covering Aurora Cannabis INC (TSE: ACB) have given the stock a rating of “Hold” as the consensus recommendation. “Hold” is also the recommendation that Bloomberg Ratings have given. Five separate research specialists have concluded that the stock should be held, and they have all agreed with each other.

The brokerage firms that have recently covered the stock have set their price target at an average of $2.31 for the next twelve months.

On Friday, the price of an ACB share of stock started trading at one Canadian dollar.

The company has a beta value of 3.02 and a price-to-earnings ratio of 0.14.

Its current market value is 340.99 million Canadian dollars, giving it a market capitalization.

The current ratio is 4.08, the quick ratio is 2.48, and the debt-to-equity ratio is 38.00.

Each of these ratios is expressed as a percentage.

These ratios are all fairly standard in the industry.

According to the simple moving average, the stock price has averaged $1.51 Canadian over the past two hundred days, while the price has averaged $1.23 Canadian over the past fifty days. Over the previous year, the price of Aurora Cannabis ranged from a low of $0.95 to a high of CAD 5.70.

The average price for Aurora Cannabis was $1.10.
A wide range of equity experts provided the most recent commentary on the stock.

In a research study released on February 28th, Jefferies Financial Group announced that they had decreased their price prediction for Aurora Cannabis from C$1.80 to C$1.31.

This change was made in response to recent market developments.

In a research note published on February 13th, Stifel Nicolaus announced that the price objective they had established for Aurora Cannabis shares would be decreased from C$1.45 to C$1.20.

In a report made public on Friday, February 10th, Canaccord Genuity Group announced that they had decreased their price estimate on Aurora Cannabis shares from C$2.00 to C$1.50. CIBC decreased their price target for Aurora Cannabis from C$2.25 to C$1.75 and gave the company a “neutral” rating in a research note published on Monday, February 13th.

Before this adjustment, the price target was set at $2.25.
Aurora Cannabis INC and its affiliated businesses produce cannabis and products derived from cannabis, offer them for sale, and distribute them throughout Canada and beyond.

In Canada, the company is in the business of cultivating, retailing, and distributing cannabis products for both medical and recreational use.

In addition, it is involved in the wholesale and retail sales of medicinal cannabis in Israel, the European Union (EU), Australia, the Caribbean, and other international markets, as well as the distribution and retail sale of CBD products that are derived from hemp in the United States (the U.S.).

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