Joe Biden’s Fast Track: Legalizing Cannabis at the Federal Level

As the cannabis legalization movement gains momentum across the United States, many are looking to President Joe Biden to take decisive action and legalize cannabis at the federal level. In this thought-provoking article, we will discuss the easiest and quickest way for President Biden to achieve this goal, as well as the potential impact of federal cannabis reform on the nation.

The Current Landscape of Cannabis Legislation

While several states have legalized cannabis for recreational and medical use, it remains a Schedule I substance under federal law. This classification puts cannabis in the same category as heroin and LSD, indicating a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use.

The disconnect between state and federal law has created numerous complications, such as difficulties in accessing banking services for cannabis businesses, hindering scientific research, and inconsistencies in law enforcement.

The Easiest and Quickest Way for President Biden to Legalize Cannabis

Given the growing public support for cannabis legalization and the economic benefits it offers, it’s crucial for President Biden to take swift action. The quickest way for him to legalize cannabis at the federal level is through executive action.

a) Executive Action

As President, Joe Biden has the power to issue an executive order or direct federal agencies to take specific actions. By using his executive authority, Biden can bypass the lengthy process of passing legislation through Congress.

There are several actions President Biden can take using his executive power:

i. Rescheduling or Descheduling Cannabis

President Biden can direct the Attorney General and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to reschedule or deschedule cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This move would recognize the medical benefits of cannabis and remove the barriers for scientific research and medical use.

ii. Pardons and Commutations

President Biden can also grant pardons or commutations for individuals convicted of federal cannabis offenses. This would not only help address the social justice issues surrounding the War on Drugs but also send a strong message about the administration’s commitment to cannabis reform.

iii. Directing Federal Agencies

Biden can direct federal agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to prioritize research on the medical benefits and safety of cannabis. This increased research could help shift public opinion and provide a solid foundation for future legislation.

The Potential Impact of Federal Cannabis Legalization

Legalizing cannabis at the federal level would have several positive effects on the nation:

a) Economic Growth

The legal cannabis industry has the potential to generate billions of dollars in tax revenue and create thousands of jobs. Federal legalization would allow businesses to access essential banking services and encourage further investment in the industry.

b) Criminal Justice Reform

Legalizing cannabis would help address the social injustices resulting from the War on Drugs, which disproportionately impacted communities of color. By expunging cannabis-related convictions and prioritizing social equity in the industry, the nation can begin to address these systemic issues.

c) Medical Research and Treatment

Removing cannabis from Schedule I classification would pave the way for more research on its medical benefits. This research could lead to new treatments for various conditions and provide patients with a safer alternative to opioids and other prescription medications.


The easiest and quickest way for President Joe Biden to legalize cannabis at the federal level is through executive action. By rescheduling or descheduling cannabis, granting pardons and commutations for cannabis-related offenses, and directing federal agencies to prioritize cannabis research, Biden can bypass the long process of passing legislation through Congress and make a significant impact on the nation.

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