DOJ Addresses Whether Medical Cannabis Patients Can Own Firearms: What Does It Mean For Cocaine, Fentanyl?

The U.S. Department of Justice has addressed the federal government ban on medical marijuana patients’ ability to buy and own guns.

“Although plaintiffs seek to use marijuana, their arguments on this score are not limited to marijuana and would instead cast doubt on Congress’s ability to disarm unlawful users of any controlled substance, including cocaine, fentanyl, or methamphetamines,” the brief reads. 

“If adopted, plaintiffs’ contention would carry wide-ranging consequences,” DOJ added.

In November 2022, a Federal Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by Former Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried.

Similarly, Republican Senator Dan Laughlin of Pennsylvania recently called on state law enforcement to take action to protect the gun rights of marijuana users, particularly medical cannabis patients.

The GOP Senator cited a recent ruling by Oklahoma federal judge Patrick Wyrick that determined a federal law banning cannabis consumers from owning firearms is unconstitutional. For more coverage, see Marijuana Moment.

Image Credits: mwewering and PeterPike by Pixabay Edited By Benzinga

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