Hamden to allow cannabis businesses by special permit

HAMDEN — Recreational cannabis establishments will be allowed to open in town by special permit under a new set of regulations passed by the Planning & Zoning Commission

But those regulations, which take effect April 1, do not create paths forward for a cannabis business or for events like the High Bazaar, elements that were part of an earlier proposal.

Floated last summer, the initial draft would have allowed an “accelerator establishment” with up to four cannabis businesses to open in town. It also included a provision through which organizers could take out one-day cannabis event permits.

The latter provision heralded the possible return of the High Bazaar, a previously recurring cannabis “gifting” party that officials shut down last February.

“There were changes that were made to the initial write-up of regulations because we had to kind of negotiate to get it passed,” Mayor Lauren Garrett said Monday.

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