First medical marijuana dispensary opens in Sturgis

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – Meade County and the City of Sturgis, held a lottery in December of 2021 to choose a business for a medical marijuana dispensary license.

Companies were allowed to put in multiple applications for licenses, making it more likely for Them to get picked in the lottery.

The application fee was $7,500 and each applicant had to pay the application fee.

Out of 18 businesses that applied only two were chosen.

“I could tell you I was on the edge of my seat, My palms were sweating like crazy,” said Cameron Popkes, C.O.O Northern Hills Alternative Health.

Once the raffle started, the first name to be pulled for their license was Puffy’s Dispensary.

“Like we said Puffy’s was drawn six or seven times right out the gate, They were the first seven to be pulled out, and then We were number eight. So, it was definitely crazy,” said Popkes.

Once their business was called to get their license Popkes said He felt like celebrating in the city council meeting.

“We’re a little small Mom and Pop shop, We don’t have the extra funds to put in extra applications and stuff like that. We put our faith in the one, We prayed on it, and We got it,” said Popkes.

Although They just officially opened, this is not their only business. They also own Smokes N Things in Spearfish.

“We just thought it would be great to be able to couple that business with this offering of medical cannabis for the medical cannabis patients within Sturgis. We figured We could give them a full-rounded service with both businesses,” said Dustin Popkes, CEO/CFO of Northern Hills Alternative Health.

For the future, the company says, They just plan on focusing on Sturgis with their clients and their needs.

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