A Beginner’s Guide To Gummies, Vapes, Flower & Tinctures: Which Is Right For You?

Beginners must be cautious when using Binoid’s Power 9 Gummies, as they’re the strongest gummies this brand has ever made. Still, they’re incredibly easy to dose, meaning you can find a high that’s just right.

Binoid’s Power 9 Blend Gummies combines premium Delta 9, THC-JD, and HHC-P distillate with THC-B, Delta 8, HHC, and more. The result is a powerful mental and physical experience you can achieve without smoking or vaping.

These gummies come in a delicious Strawberry Kiwi flavor while bursting with cannabinoids to produce a euphoric high. Each gummy contains 40mg of the cannabinoids noted above, so we recommend taking half a gummy and waiting an hour to see how you react.

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