Adult use marijuana passes Del. Senate without amendments from Medical License lobby

Medical License Holder Amendments


DELAWARE – With Marijuanna decriminalization, and adult use legal market framework bills passing the Delaware Senate Wednesday,  Marijuanna advocates are praising the omission of several amendments proposed by current Medical Marijuana License holding businesses in the first state.

Measures to legalize up to an ounce and regulate the drug passed both the house and senate, but medical marijuana license holders did attempt to introduce amendments to help protect their interests and ability to sell the product in the state.

While the measures were raised in the debate, the bills were ultimately passed without those amendments.

The groups say the measures were to protect their medical marijuana patients.

“This amendment would have taken issues with the medical marijuana program, a program where we did a survey and we found large dissatisfaction with access and price and replicated these issues through the whole state,” said Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network Executive Director Zoe Patchell.

Patchell tells 47ABC despite the bill passing without the amendments, including priority access for existing license holders, and exclusive windows of sales.

In a Q4 report, medical license holder Columbia Care touted that Delaware was the “Top 5 Markets by Adj. EBITDA Margin Q4 2022.”

“We are going to see these amendments pop up again lawmakers were adamant about protecting these businesses so I am sure we will be fighting against these arguments in future legislation,” Patchell said.

Patchell tells us she fears that a system that creates a more expensive product will allow for a grey market to existing, and degrade the access for the 180,000 the DHSS says would be using the product if legalized.

47ABC reached out to Columbia Care, First State Compassion Center, and did not hear back.




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