Best CBN Gummies for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Not getting enough shut-eye?

You should know you’re not alone. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an estimated 1 in 3 adults do not get sufficient, uninterrupted sleep. And a whopping 50 to 70 million Americans have full-blown sleep disorders.

Irregular sleep and disrupted sleep patterns can affect you both mentally and physically. Luckily, CBN is a natural hemp cannabinoid that can help promote sleep health. Like its molecular cousin, CBD, CBN is non-habit-forming and non-intoxicating. It’s the natural sleep aid we’ve all been waiting for!

We love CBN gummies in particular because they taste good, they’re fun, and they’re easy to take. No messy oils. No pills. No creams.

Read our top 5 choices for the best CBN gummies for sleep and try them on for size. Goodnight and good luck!

The Best CBN Gummies for Sleep: Our 2023 Faves

How Does CBN Help You Fall Asleep?

CBN is a cannabinoid, a naturally occuring chemical component of the cannabis sativa (hemp) plant. Cannabinoids work by binding to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, a network of sensors in all mammals that helps regulate homeostasis and major bodily functions.

Once CBN activates your endocannabinoid system, sleep-inducing effects begin, to the extent that most CBN product manufacturers will warn you not to operate heavy machinery after taking it.

Like CBD, CBN is not psychoactive, so there is no ‘high’. And unlike most sleep aids, even many natural ones, CBN is 100% not addictive. CBN users do not experience next-day grog common to prescription and OTC sleeping pills. It’s truly a great discovery for people who want to sleep better and still feel normal– aka not medicated– the following day.

Finally, although CBN has gained most attention for sleep health benefits, recent research suggests that CBN has neuroprotective properties, making it a possible treatment option for neurodegenerative diseases.

Best CBN Gummies in 2023

1. Editor’s Choice: Slumber Sleep Aid Extra Strength CBN Gummies for Sleep

slumber sleep aid

Slumber Sleep Aid



  • Size: 30 gummies per jar

  • Strength: 15 mg pure CBN

  • Flavor: Vanilla-blueberry

  • Ingredients: Water, Sugar, CBN, Corn Syrup, Natural Fruit Pectin, Sucrose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavors, and Natural Coloring

User experience:

Users love the restful sleep they experience from these non habit forming gummies, without the grog. Many of the verified online reviews we saw for these CBN gummies were from people who’ve previously tried other sleep supplements that didn’t work. As of this review, there are hundreds of verified users who have had success getting better sleep with Slumber Sleep Aid’s CBN gummies.

Why they made our list:

If you want the best supplements with CBN that have actually been documented to help people sleep, Slumber Sleep Aid is #1. Why? They created an entire company to address sleep problems with CBN! All of Slumber Sleep Aid’s products are the result of years of research and testing to help people improve their sleep health, naturally.

One of the things we really like about Slumber Sleep Aid is that they love innovating, and they love sharing the fruits of their labor with the customer.

For example, they had a third party conduct a survey on hundreds of people who used their CBN products. Overall, 82% of users said Slumber Sleep Aid CBN helped them stay asleep. And 80% reported it being easier to fall back asleep after waking in the night.

These CBN gummies contain pure CBN: no melatonin, no CBD. It’s a great way to get pure CBN, especially if you’re new to it, and to naturally get the restorative sleep life demands.

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2. Most Potent: Extract Labs CBN Gummies PM Formula

extract labs

Extract Labs



  • Size: 30 gummies per jar

  • Strength: 10mg CBN and 30mg full spectrum CBD per gummy

  • Flavors: Assortment of lemonade, orange cream, and mixed berry flavors

  • Ingredients: Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Organic Flavors, Sodium Citrate, Organic Coloring, Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

User experience:

Verified users report not only falling asleep, but relief from anxiety at nighttime. We think this has something to do with the 30mg full spectrum CBD that Extract Labs adds to each CBN gummy. There were also quite a few users dealing with pain and anxiety who said they could more easily fall back asleep in the middle of the night.

Why they made our list:

Extract Labs is one of the premier hemp supplement companies in the United States. They’re a mission-driven brand, veteran-owned, and they do all their extraction and analytics in-house. We see that with a lot of their products, this means they can pass on savings to the customer.

In fact, Extract Labs was extracting CBN from hemp way before it enjoyed the popularity it does now.

Extract Labs’ CBN gummies make our list for their organic ingredients, effectiveness, and the perfect ratio of CBN to CBD. Unlike #1 on the list, Extract Labs adds 30mg full spectrum CBD to their CBN gummies. This gives them a more synergistic effect that users say, helps with more than just sleep problems.

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3. Fastest Acting: Zatural CBN Gummies With Nano CBD




  • Long-lasting effect

  • Tastes great

  • Better absorption rate

  • Fall asleep easier


  • Size: 10-count, 30-count, 60-count, and 90-count per jar

  • Strength: 5mg CBN and 15mg CBD per gummy

  • Flavor: Watermelon

  • Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Water, Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Watermelon Concentrate, Natural Red Color (Plant Extract), CBD, CBN, and Purac

User experience:

People seem to love the taste of these CBN gummies that have an all-natural watermelon flavor. We also noticed many users saying that Zatural’s CBN gummies are helping them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Why they made our list:

Zatural CBN gummies also contain a powerful combo of CBN and CBD, but at a lower dose. Each gummy contains 5mg CBN and 15mg CBD. But don’t let the lower dosage fool you. These CBN gummies pack a punch and have been reviewed by hundreds of people to work super-fast.

Why do Zatural’s CBN gummies work so fast? Turns out they come with a secret weapon– nano CBD.

Nano CBD is CBD oil that has been put through a nanoemulsion process, which makes cannabinoids both smaller (nano-sized) and water-soluble. The result is better absorption, aka your body is actually getting more CBN and CBD in each serving.

Fast-acting, long-lasting, what’s not to love? We also appreciate that Zatural gives you options with quantity. If you just want to try them on for size, you can buy the 10-count jar. To save $$ and/or buy for the whole family, they offer a 90-count jar of their CBN gummies as well.

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4. Best for Recovery: CBDistillery Deep Sleep Synergy + THC & CBN Gummies




  • Sleep ‘like a log’

  • No melatonin

  • Full spectrum

  • Organic ingredients


  • Size: 30 gummies per jar

  • Strength: 5mg THC, 5mg CBN, and 25mg CBD per gummy

  • Flavor: Mixed-berry

  • Ingredients: Organic sugar, water, organic tapioca syrup, pectin, organic natural flavors, full spectrum hemp extract, citric acid, organic fruit and vegetable juice (color), malic acid, natural terpenes

User experience:

CBDistillery loves to say that their Deep Sleep Synergy Gummies will help you sleep ‘like a log’. We found this exact expression in many, many reviews for their CBN gummies. Customers love the restorative sleep they’re able to get, without feeling weird or foggy the next day.

Why they made our list:

CBDistillery named these CBN gummies ‘Deep Sleep’ for a reason. Their potent combo of CBN, CBD, and terpenes delivers that deep, recovery sleep that we all need from time to time.

Lots of people can easily mess up their sleep patterns– whether it’s from working late too many days in a row, living with small children, you name it. It can feel hopeless and frustrating when you can’t get your Zzz’s back on track.

If that’s your situation, we definitely recommend the Deep Sleep gummies. Think of it like a powerful sleep aid that will knock you out, without crazy side effects or the danger of addiction.

We noticed in multiple verified reviews that people are relieved to have gotten their sleep back on track with CBDistillery’s CBN gummies. Some take them for just a short period and then keep them on hand for sleep troubles. Others take them nightly to support both sleep health and overall wellness. A win-win.

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5. Best for Pain: Receptra Serious Rest 25 mg CBD + CBN Gummies





  • Size: 30 gummies per jar

  • Strength: 3mg CBN and 25mg CBD per gummy

  • Flavor: Mountain Strawberry

  • Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, water, tapioca syrup, pectin, full spectrum hemp extract, CBN, natural flavors, citric acid, lemon oil

User experience:

We awarded Receptra’s CBN gummies as being the best for pain because we saw so many reviews that speak to this. If pain is one of the reasons you’re having a hard time getting sleep, look no further than this little jar of goodness.

Why they made our list:

We consider Receptra to be one of the best CBD companies we’ve ever tried. They use all-natural ingredients, their price is affordable, and they’re obsessed with efficiency. In short, people choose Receptra because their products really work!

The Serious Rest gummies are no exception. Inside each gummy, you’ll get 3mg CBN and 25mg CBD. This is a full spectrum extract from hemp plants selected specifically for their genetics. With all that power, no added ingredients like melatonin are necessary!

The serving suggestion is 1 gummy, but we read about many users who take 2 gummies to get the effects they’re looking for. For those dealing with pain and sleep trouble, we’d recommend starting off by taking 1 gummy 30 minutes before you hit the sheets.

In a nutshell, Receptra’s CBN gummies are the all-natural sleep aid that may also be a great source of relief from other issues.

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How We Chose Our Favorite CBN Gummies

In our search to find the best CBN gummies for sleep, we had to separate the superstars from the fray. Here’s the criteria we used to judge the winners:

Are they safe?

Most people who turn to CBN do so because they want to avoid habit-forming sleep aids with dangerous side effects. But the thing is, like melatonin, CBN is considered a supplement, so it’s largely unregulated. Therefore, CBN manufacturers should provide third-party lab results to prove their products are safe. We required these tests to be made available online BEFORE purchase, so that customers can get assurance before they buy.

Quality hemp sourcing

Like CBD, CBN comes from hemp which must be cultivated, harvested, and put through an extraction process. To find our top 5 CBN gummies for sleep, we required that brands exclusively use hemp grown in the USA as well as a clean processing like CO2 or ethanol extraction. Sketchy imports or vague practices simply won’t do.

High marks for effectiveness

Beyond knowing if a CBN product is safe, the most pressing question is this: does it actually work? We therefore combed through hundreds of verified online reviews to check on the efficiency of each of the CBN gummies in question. What are people really saying? What are the most common effects? We detail all this in the User Experience section.

Potential Side Effects of CBN

There is currently not enough information to support that CBN has any dicey side effects. CBN can cause drowsiness and sleepiness, so it’s recommended not to drive or operate heavy machinery after you take it.

How to Take CBN Gummies

CBN gummies are perhaps the easiest — and most delicious — way to take CBN for sleep. First, follow the dosage recommendations by the manufacturer. Trustworthy brands will have put a lot of time and energy into guaranteeing the safety of their products, so definitely start there.

Most CBN products contain between 5mg to 15mg CBN per serving. More than that is considered an exceptionally high dose, though there’s currently no evidence to suggest that you can take too much CBN.

When starting out, stick with the suggested dosage for a few days. If you still don’t experience the effects you want, bump that up by taking an additional gummy or even ½ of one.

The prevailing wisdom with CBN is that, like taking CBD, start with a low dosage and slowly increase. If you find you need more on the higher end of a CBN dose, switch to a gummy like our #1 pick that contains more CBN per serving.

What is the difference between CBD and CBN?

CBD and CBN are both cannabinoids that come from the hemp plant. Both have natural benefits and are non-addictive, non-psychoactive substances. While people take CBD for a variety of wellness issues, from pain to anxiety and everything in-between, CBN is taken primarily for its sleep-inducing properties.

Will CBN make me groggy in the morning?

CBN is an all-natural sleep aid that does not contain any kind of additives that could make you feel groggy the morning after, provided you’ve purchased from a good brand. There is no evidence to support that CBN makes people groggy the day after, and we did not encounter this in our personal experience with CBN nor in any verified online reviews.

Need more Zzz’s? Go with a trusted CBN brand.

If you’re buying any kind of CBN supplement, do yourself a favor and go with a trusted brand. This can help make sure you’ll have a better experience and receive the most quality ingredients.

All the brands on our list have been vetted for safety, effective supplements, quality sourcing, and top-notch ingredients.

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We’re confident that these authentically represent the best CBN gummies you can get in 2023 to help you sleep better. We invite you to curl up, pop a CBN gummy, and enjoy that delicious sleep that changes everything. To a brighter, more-rested tomorrow!

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