CBD Industry Trends and Products on the Rise

If you lost track of CBD over the last few years, we can’t blame you. For a benign little cannabinoid that once dominated headlines, the years that have passed since 2017 could easily be viewed as a one-way path toward obscurity.

The truth is that the CBD market is just as vibrant and dynamic as it ever was. Now that all the drama has receded, though, the average person is forgiven for not being exactly on top of the latest trends in the hemp market. We prepared this brief guide to get you up to speed on all the most important developments — including the product types that are currently the darlings of top global CBD manufacturers.

Top CBD Trends of 2023 and Beyond

As an overview, the biggest movers and shakers currently at work in CBD are:

  • An update to federal cannabis legislation is expected soon
  • CBD capsules, tinctures, and gummies are essentially accepted as over-the-counter items
  • CBD is enjoying a widening international audience
  • New product types like CBD vapes, flower, and topicals are also now very popular
  • Additional hemp cannabinoids are also gradually coming to fore

Current Trending CBD Products

Shoppers have now had nearly a decade to acclimate to the presence of CBD tinctures and capsules on the shelves of their local natural food stores. Nowadays, savvy shoppers are turning to the internet for CBD due to the presence of products there that they can’t find anywhere else — like CBD flower and vapes.

Just like THC cannabis, you can smoke CBD-rich hemp flower, and it’s just as possible to put CBD in a vape as it is to infuse it with THC. At the same time, CBD topicals, a dark horse from the early days of the industry, have recently exploded to the front of the pack due to the work of Instagram influencers and average individuals alike.

We’ll explore each currently trending type of CBD product in a bit more detail below:

CBD Topicals

Your basic assortment of CBD-infused lotions and balms has been around since the beginning of the industry, but it’s only recently that the CBD topical sub-market has truly hit its stride. All over social media, you can see posts supporting the anti-aging or beauty-enhancing benefits of CBD, leading to the rise of CBD serums that can cost hundreds of dollars for less than an ounce of formula.

CBD Flower

Like a groundhog coming out of its cave in spring, shoppers have been shy to try CBD flower. Now that the cat is out of the bag, though, so to speak, CBD flower is trending nationwide and is available everywhere from online to in gas stations. Shoppers like the customization options inherent to CBD flower, which comes in hundreds of different strains.

CBD Gummies

Over the years, shoppers have gradually tired of the messiness of CBD tinctures and the annoyance of swallowing CBD capsules. As a country that likes sweet things anyway, it’s no surprise that CBD gummies have now become so popular in the United States. They’re convenient, delicious, and effective — what’s not to love?

Enter CBG and CBN

As if CBD weren’t enough, two new cannabinoids — cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN) have also recently entered the market. Both of these substances are similar to CBD in that they’re non-intoxicating, but they’re entirely unique and have separate sets of potential benefits. Keep an eye out for more CBG and CBN products as the industry evolves over the coming years.

What Does the Future Hold for CBD?

Despite surface appearances, CBD has not slowed down. To suggest that CBD is going anywhere would be the same, at this point, as doubting the long-term viability of the Aspirin industry. CBD has simply worked its way into the economic fabric of the USA, and everyone from young Millennials and Zoomers to Boomers and grandmas now rely on this non-intoxicating cannabinoid every day.

What you should expect from the CBD industry is ever-increasing product quality and diversity. People have now thought of dozens of unique ways to use CBD, each with their own valid sets of benefits. As CBD continues to evolve, opportunities to provide much-needed services will continue to emerge — keep an eye out for your moment to make a difference.

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