Benzinga: InMed’s Subsidiary BayMedica Talks About Increased Interest in Rare Cannabinoids for Health and Wellness Products

InMed’s VP, Sales & Marketing, Jerry P. Griffin, speaks with Benzinga’s Zunaid Suleman.

In the interview, Jerry talks about the increased interest in rare cannabinoids partly as a result of the critical mass of consumer education. Jerry speaks about the important gap in the market that bioidentical cannabinoids can fill, noting that accessing highly abundant cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG from the plant is practical, however, accessing rare cannabinoids such as cannabichromene (CBC) is impractical due to the low levels and invariability. Jerry speaks about the long term needs of consumer packaged goods companies. When these companies begin to require large quantities of highly pure, consistent rare cannabinoids, bioidentical cannabinoids will play an important part of their supply chain.

BayMedica’s flagship product is CBC with recent sales increasing 46% from the previous quarter.

Read the article and watch the video on Benzinga.

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