Police launch inspection campaign on shops selling CBD substances

Organized campaigns by the police in cooperation with Ministry of Health officers began this week now that the distribution of products with cannabinoid substances has been legally clarified.

Last Monday, two inspections were carried out in CBD shops in the Nicosia area and several packets were confiscated for further testing, Philenews reports.

The anti-drug squad’s Stelios Sergides explained that CBD products are registered as pharmaceuticals and their distribution can only be carried out by pharmacists under a license.

He also said that several other products containing cannabis are illegal and are not allowed to be sold.

Coordinated operations continued on Tuesday with court search warrants secured on the basis of evidence of illegal trade in controlled pharmaceutical products for which there is no marketing authorization, he added.

Specifically, 43 packets of products believed to contain cannabidiol – CBD and 55 packets of products believed to contain tetrahydrocannabinol – THC were found in the first store and were confiscated for further testing.

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