Study: Daily Use of CBD Tinctures Associated with Decreased Daytime Drowsiness, No Increased Risk of Liver Disease

Chicago, IL: Adults who consume CBD daily experience less daytime drowsiness and are not at an increased risk of suffering from either low testosterone or liver abnormalities, according to data published in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids.

Researchers affiliated with the University of Chicago and with Tarleton University in Texas assessed the daily use of CBD in a cohort of over 1,000 adults. Most of the study’s participants reported having consumed full-spectrum CBD tinctures for at least one year.

Investigators concluded: “In this large-sample study, self-dosing [with] CBD was not associated with an increased prevalence of elevation of LT [liver tests] or low levels of TT [total testosterone] in men. Furthermore, CBD administration decreased DD [daytime drowsiness] and was associated with a lower prevalence of low testosterone levels in older men as compared to age-adjusted population norms. … [I]n those over 45 years of age, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes was significantly lower than that of the general population.”

Several population-based studies have reported that cannabis consumers typically possess lower BMI and other favorable indices related to diabetic control. Observational studies have also shown that the past use of cannabis is significantly associated with lower odds of diabetes in adults.

Data published in 2021 similarly determined that the repeated use of oral CBD products is not associated with liver abnormalities, such as the elevated production of the enzyme alanine transaminase.

Full text of the study, “The effects of long-term self-dosing of cannabidiol on drowsiness, testosterone levels, and liver function,” appears in Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids. Additional information on cannabinoids and diabetes is available from NORML’s publicationClinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids.

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