Mississippi Independent Cannabis Association announces key amendments to State Medical Marijuana Program

The Mississippi Independent Cannabis Association announced a significant legislative win for cannabis patients and Mississippi-owned cannabis business operators. After months of dedicated work with state lawmakers, several fundamental changes offered by the Association will go into effect and help streamline the patient experience and save businesses thousands of dollars on overhead.

Changes approved by the state legislature include authorizing practitioners to assist patients in registering for medical cannabis cards with the Mississippi Department of Health after a written certification is issued to the patient, and decreasing the time for the MSDH to approve patients’ applications from 30 days to 10 days. Patients will also be free to obtain their annual recertification with a different practitioner than who provided their initial written certification.

MICA members also worked with state lawmakers to redefine “Cannabis Waste” to exclude seeds, roots, stems, stalks, and fan leaves, saving all Mississippi growers thousands of dollars in annual disposal costs. “Pending Mississippi Department of Health regulations were set to classify rootballs, stems, fan leaves and everything else covered under the 2018 Farm Bill as “cannabis waste” which required disposal from a regulated entity. This amendment saves cultivators thousands of dollars on annual disposal fees. Those are costs that ultimately would have been passed on to the dispensary and ultimately the patient,” said MICA’s Executive Director, Pete Stokes. Other changes the Association worked to make included prohibiting the disclosure of the location or addresses of licensed cultivation facilities in an effort to help prevent facility robberies.

MICA is currently working on expanding the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis to include other common ailments covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, such as Anxiety and Depression.

For more information about MICA and its efforts to promote the benefits of medical marijuana in Mississippi, please visit our website at www.micams.org

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