Curaleaf complies with transparency in cannabis

With regard to the Globe’s recent editorial, “Transparency needed in Cannabis Control Commission investigations” (Opinion, April 2), I write to correct the article’s misconceptions about our company.

To be crystal clear: It is wholly inaccurate to suggest that the foreign investor listed as one of Curaleaf’s funders is currently invested in our company in any way. Over a decade ago, this person was one of many worldwide investors in a medical-cannabis start-up that eventually became the company we are today — but at no point was he ever a material investor in Curaleaf.

As a cannabis industry leader with deep roots in Massachusetts, Curaleaf has always fully complied with every one of the state’s disclosure requirements. We have fully complied with every request, addressed all questions, and have had no indications from any regulator that there are any outstanding issues with our compliance.

For those truly concerned about a lack of transparency in cannabis, the focus should be on the illicit market.

Matt Darin



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