Incannex Appoints Quest Pharmaceutical Services To Advance Nicotine, Opioid Products

Incannex Healthcare Ltd., a pharmaceutical company developing medicinal cannabinoid products and psychedelic assisted psychotherapies for unmet medical needs, has appointed Quest Pharmaceutical Services (QPS) to provide regulatory advice and manage clinical trials for the development of CannQuit and ReneCann products for addiction and immune-disordered skin diseases.

CEO and managing director, Joel Latham said, “QPS is a perfect fit for us to develop these products across the globe. Not only will QPS assist us with conducting clinical research, it has been engaged to advise upon the quickest route to commercialising the products in different regulatory jurisdictions.”

The CannQuit and ReneCann products were acquired as part of the acquisition of APIRx Pharmaceuticals (APIRx), completed in 2022. These products are being developed and manufactured by Eurofin’s Scientific. Data collected by Eurofins on the quality and stability of the products will be key components of future regulatory packages.

CannQuit-Nicotine (N) is a functional, controlled-release, pharmaceutical-grade (cGMP) medicated chewing gum formulation comprising cannabidiol (CBD) and nicotine. Drug product development and testing is underway at Eurofins.

CannQuit-Opiod (O) is a functional, controlled-release, pharmaceutical-grade medicated chewing gum formulation that combines CBD and an opioid antagonist/agonist in a proprietary water-soluble chewable tablet for the treatment of opioid addiction.

ReneCann is Incannex’s topical cannabinoid formulation for treatment of dermatological conditions caused by disorders of the immune system, including vitiligo, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema.

QPS provides bioanalytical LC-MS/MS contract services. It has grown from a small molecule bioanalysis shop of three people to more than 1,250+ employees in the United States, Europe, India, and Asia. Over the years, QPS has adopted additional services, including Neuropharmacology, DMPK, Toxicology, Translational Medicine, Early Phase Clinical Research and Phase II – IV Clinical Research.

QPS is currently drafting pre-IND submissions for both the EU’s European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the U.S. FDA for the CannQuit and ReneCann Products. 

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