Talented flooring and construction man looking to manage your business or anything else

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West Bloomfield, MI|Local Classified|Other|Apr 9

Mike, Neighbor

Talented flooring and construction man looking to manage your business or anything else

My name is Mike, and I’ve been in the flooring and construction business for over 25 years. I do carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and more, and I’ve built 15 new homes with my father in the past 20 years and rehabbed and flipped approximately 100 homes in the past 20 years. I have experience with some electrical work, plumbing, painting, woodworking, and many other things that involve building or rehabbing a home. I’m looking for someone who needs someone with experience to run their projects, and I need to make at least $400 a day and up to be able to feed my family of 6. I’m 46 years old, I don’t drink,use any kind of drugs, and I’m an extremely hard worker who will treat the business like it’s my own, save the business money, and get the work done without any excuses. I’m open to other kinds of work, from being the right hand man for a businessman or woman who needs someone to take care of things for him or her quickly and take care of anything they need done, from driving them around all day to taking care of their home or homes and family. I have a chauffeur’s license and can drive big box trucks, limousines, and other big vehicles. I’m trustworthy, honest, and I get the job done. I can manage anything without any problems. I’m licensed to carry a firearm if needed. If you have an honest job that doesn’t involve any illegal activity and need someone sharp who pays attention to everything going on around him, I’m your guy, and I can help you out and protect your property, investment, and money like it was mine. I’m very clever and can solve almost any problem and make things work without delays. I have experience in many different things and can save you a lot of headaches by getting what you need done quickly, so you can take care of other things and keep the ball rolling. I also have good experience in the legal medical marijuana growing business, and I can produce top quality flower and hashish that not many people know how to make that is comparable to Lebanese hash, which is one of the best in the world. Please don’t call or text me telling me that you want to hire me to cash checks or do payroll by printing checks and sending you back money because I’ve already had a few scammers try that, and that will not work on me because I’m no idiot and everything I do is 100% legal or I will not do it, even for all the money in the world, because I want to feed my kids with hard earned money that I worked hard for so I can sleep at night, so please don’t waste your time or mine with scam job offers. You can text me at 734 231 0509 seven three four two three one zero five zero nine if you have any questions. Thanks for looking,hope to talk to you soon.

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