Best Forms Of CBD For Stress

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Many people use CBD for many different things. Some swear by it for help with sleep while others use it to manage pain. One of the main draws to CBD is its potential for stress relief. If you are looking for something to help you manage the craziness of the day-to-day, CBD could be the answer. Let’s take a closer look at what CBD could do for you in the direction of stress relief, and which forms of CBD are best for it.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of many compounds that can be found naturally in cannabis and hemp plants. These naturally occurring compounds are called cannabinoids.

Cannabidiol is one of the major cannabinoids that can be found in these plants, meaning it is found abundantly. Another major cannabinoid that is well-known is THC. Although THC is considered a major cannabinoid, all cannabis sativa (hemp) plants which CBD products are made from consist of 0.3% or less THC content, in line with the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized the production and distribution of products made with hemp and any of its derivatives.

CBD can be extracted and turned into a variety of products like oils, edibles and more. These products can be used for many different things, and they can have different effects depending on the product used. One thing to keep in mind, CBD is not psychoactive like THC so you won’t get “high” from it, but you could experience other benefits.

Lately, CBD has really taken the health and wellness worlds by storm, especially for stress relief. A major factor in this are recent studies that point to CBD’s potential in relieving social anxiety, general stress, and anxiety-related insomnia.

By interacting with the ECS, or the endocannabinoid system, CBD is able to help restore balance. The endocannabinoid system is a bodily system largely responsible for functions like appetite, emotional response, pain signaling, sleep cycles, immune response and more. CBD has the ability to directly interact with the ECS, by binding with receptors and by slowly the breakdown of molecules native to the ECS.

CBD is thought to bind with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS. CB1 receptors are found mostly in the central nervous system while CB2 receptors are largely found in your peripheral nervous system. All of the functions of the ECS contribute to the body remaining in homeostasis.

Although more research is needed, it is thought CBD could be beneficial for stress relief through its interaction with the ECS. CBD could be able to influence the levels of serotonin in the ECS, as well as potentially dampening stress responses by the ECS. One study that focused on the neuroprotective properties of CBD showed promise for CBD’s effectivity on issues like generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, OCD, and social anxiety disorder.

If you are looking to try CBD for stress relief, it’s always important to remember that not all CBD is created equal.Finding a high-quality product is key to reaping its potential benefits. Along with finding a high-quality product, it’s also wise to consider your form of consumption.

CBD Oil: CBD oils are a great choice for a fast-acting delivery method. CBD oils are consumed sublingually, which in broad terms means placed under the tongue and then swallowed. This allows the active ingredients to be delivered directly to the bloodstream through the mucous membranes in the mouth.

CBD Edibles: Another great form of CBD for stress relief is a CBD edible. Edibles can come in many forms, but gummies are a popular choice. CBD edibles offer a tasty way to get your dose of CBD perfectly delivered in a discrete way. CBD edibles usually have to be broken down by the body before the CBD can take effect, so it can be a delayed delivery method.

CBD Flower: Using CBD flower is another great way to use cannabidiol for stress. CBD flower can come in the form of a CBD-specific hemp strain or through pre-rolled joints. Inhaling CBD can be another very fast-acting delivery method, with nearly instant results.

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