Calm Collection CBD Improves Absorption and Bioavailability of Products With Cutting-Edge Nanotechnology



April 17, 2023

/PRNewswire/ — Calm Collection CBD, a leading provider of premium-grade CBD and delta-8 products, has announced the integration of cutting-edge nanotechnology into its delta-8 and CBD product lines. The products feature a powerful nanotechnology formula that improves the absorption and bioavailability of delta-8 and CBD, delivering a more potent and efficient product to consumers.

With the growing popularity of delta-8 and CBD products, Calm Collection CBD recognized the need for a more effective and innovative delivery method. Nanotechnology has emerged as a solution that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of their products. The technology enables the formulation of tiny particles that can penetrate the body’s cell membranes, resulting in faster and more efficient delivery of delta-8 or CBD cannabinoids. While traditional CBD molecules average at 300 nanometers wide, this technology allows the molecules to be broken down into a range of 15 to 60 nanometers, making them easier for the body to absorb with less waste.

Calm Collection CBD’s nanotechnology-infused delta-8 and CBD products are a game-changer for customers looking for maximum benefits from their products. The application of nanotechnology ensures a more exceptional efficiency of absorption by the body, which translates into higher bioavailability, providing customers with a more effective experience.

“We are pleased to incorporate nanotechnology into our delta-8 and CBD products,” said

Douglas Gudenburr

. “This innovative technology promises to revolutionize the CBD industry, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology.”

Calm Collection CBD’s nanotechnology-infused delta-8 and CBD products are laboratory-tested to ensure maximum purity and potency. The company uses a third-party testing facility to ensure its customers receive only the highest quality products.

Calm Collection CBD offers a wide selection of nano delta-8 and CBD products made using this innovative technology, including tinctures, gummies, and vapes.

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About Calm Collection CBD

Calm Collection CBD’s nanotechnology integration highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the CBD industry. With the introduction of this technology into their products, Calm Collection CBD’s customers have access to the most technically advanced and effective delta-8 and CBD products on the market.

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