Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings Announces the Appointment of Former Dallas Cowboy David Irving as Spokesperson of Our Company

Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, Inc.

Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, Inc.

HOUSTON, TX, April 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — CBIH, previously known as CHNC, and trading under the ticker symbol CHNC, has the pleasure to announce former football player, David Irving, as its new spokesperson.

The commitment and devotion of Mr. Irving to the game of football has not only been remarkable but a game changer. Moreover, one of the exceptional determinations he’s had during his career is to advocate for cannabis use in sports. Following his suspension after testing positive for a drug test, he has publicly reached out to the NFL to change outdated policies and the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The outcome was the reduction of the testing window and the eradication of suspensions for NFL players.

In addition, as a patient, he’s been vocal about the medical use of cannabis and its benefits in treating his anxiety, sleep, and pain management due to the multiple injuries he’s suffered throughout his career. As a result, he has repelled the stigma surrounding the plant and its use in the professional sports field while acknowledging and expressing the severe and long-term side effects of available treatments, such as opioids, that are widely accepted in medical and athletic practice.

As a former four year-player for the Dallas Cowboys, and as a triumphant playmaker with the Las Vegas Raiders he was able to convey a clear and sound statement that cannabis goes beyond smoking and also encapsulates the palliative properties for a better quality of life. In addition, he also taught us that it’s about awareness, better policies, justice, and, most of all, education.

“We welcome Mr. Irving with open arms, trusting that his experience will boost CBIH to the next level as we continue to develop our company’s great success,” says Henry Levinski, Vice President/Treasurer of CBIH. “He has taken risks bigger than anyone can imagine when trying to reach his goals and has encountered a favorable outcome in the process,” he adds.

With this trajectory, our company is thrilled to have acquired an alliance with Mr. Irving as CBIH´s Spokesperson. We believe his allegiance, passion, and hard work align with our company’s values and vision. Therefore, reinforcing our commitment to science, education, and medicine while continuing to attempt to upgrade and update the current legal frame and provide better opportunities for patients, caretakers, cannabis users, and professionals about the medical and industrial uses of the plant.

Thank you, Mr. Irving, for continuing to bring hope to new generations in the medical cannabis space. Gratitude for your best touchdown ever!

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