How to Get Medical Marijuna in Philadelphia: Best Dispensaries and CBD Shops

Ever since medical marijuana was legalized in Pennsylvania in 2016—and first became available in the state two years later—dispensaries have popped up all throughout the city. From local outposts of national chains to independent shops selling CBD products, there’s a little something for everyone, from flower to lotions.

Even with 4/20 soon approaching, keep in mind that marijuana for recreational use is not legal in Pennsylvania—just medical marijuana. So in order to purchase items containing THC, you need a medical marijuana ID card, which you can register for online. (You don’t need a medical marijuana ID card to purchase CBD, which does not have the same psychoactive effects as THC). Within Philadelphia, specifically, marijuana is decriminalized, meaning possessing, buying and using up to an ounce of weed is not considered a crime in the city. All of this is to say, if you hope to shop at any of the dispensaries selling THC, you’ll need your medical ID card ready.

Now, with all of that business out of the way, here are a few top-notch spots to get some bud in Philly.

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