Medical Marijuana Recall Hits Ten Colorado Dispensaries

Medical marijuana products sold at ten dispensaries across the state have been recalled by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division because of potentially harmful mold levels and improper testing procedures.

Marijuana flower, shake and trim from Steel City Meds, a dispensary and growing operation in unincorporated Pueblo County, failed “total mold and yeast testing” as well as tests for aspergillus, a type of mold that can be inhaled through smoke, according to an April 17 health and safety notice from the MED. The recalled marijuana was sold between June 2, 2022, and March 9 at ten dispensaries, including Steel City Meds, the MED notes.

“Patients who have these affected products in their possession should destroy them or return them to the store from which they were purchased for proper disposal. Patients who experience adverse health effects from consuming the product should seek medical attention immediately and report the event to the Marijuana Enforcement Division by submitting the MED Reporting Form,” the recall notice reads.

Steel City Meds did not respond to a request for comment.

Names of the recalled harvest batches include A&B, Blu Ivy, Crush Berries, Oatmeal Cookie, Oreo Cake, Oreoz, Pablo Revenge, Runtz, Snowman, White Runtz and Zero Gravity, but the retail names of the strains could be different. All marijuana produced by Steel City Meds has the following medical marijuana cultivation license number on its packaging: 403-01096.

Here are the dispensaries where the recalled marijuana was sold:

Doc’s Apothecary
2100 East 112th Avenue, Northglenn

Green Farms
3629 Galley Road, Colorado Springs

Green Dragon
813 Smithfield Drive, Fort Collins

Lightshade (six stores affected, including five in Denver)
1126 South Sheridan Boulevard

12075 East 40th Avenue

330 South Dayton Street

3950 Holly Street

5885 East Evans Avenue

9364 Federal Boulevard, Federal Heights

Steel City Meds
74 North McCulloch Boulevard, Suite 120, Pueblo West

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