NANO Group CEO Mike Robinson Announces Trademark Filed On INDOLE-A

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The NANO Group has announced their trademark on INDOLE-A

David Uhalley and Mike Robinson, the Nanobles Corporate Team

Mike Robinson, GCRC and Nanobles founder, named 2023 Businessperson of the year for Santa Barbara’s Eastern Goleta Valley

Mike Robinson and David Uhalley announced their new entity with a Trademark on The NANO Group

Nanobles Corporation and Global Cannabinoid Research Center have merged to create one powerhouse.

The plant medicine researcher gave limited information regarding the Research and Development of a creation utilizing Indole Alkaloids

“Indole Alkaloids play a pivotal and potential role in so many areas of medicine. At the NANO Group, we are committed to Researching and Developing natural next-level futuristic options for everyone.” – Mike Robinson, CEO, Nanobles, Inc.SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ / — The NANO Group is proud to announce the gaining of a trademark on INDOLE-A, based on their current R&D that surrounds efforts to boost the immune system. “We’re working on the additive INDOLE-A, an array of Indole Alkaloids found all over Earth. We’ve gained a trademark in both Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical classes and are ready for the final development of this exciting creation,” stated CEO mike robinson , a world-renowned plant medicine researcher, and educator.

The researcher has pioneered compounding certain plant constituents containing these precious alkaloids over the last few years. However, he began working on it heavily in his current Cancer Battle. Mike Robinson, named one of high times Most Influential People In Cannabis, has been highly public about utilizing plant medicines in various health battles to conquer his own health issues and dependence on Opioids that began after a high-speed racing wreck in 1995.

“Indole Alkaloids have been found in research to battle everything from Cancers to Chronic Pain. I came up with INDOLE-A after researching and finding fascinating outcomes from using these vital natural substances from plants found in places most will never look. It’s amazing to see the extremely positive differences in the health of populations that unknowingly utilize Indole Alkaloids regularly in their diet compared to the Western world, which does not,” Robinson said.

Robinson, the founder of the Global Cannabinoid Research Center, was voted Alignable 2023 Businessperson of the Year for his area of Santa Barbara, California. He has been highly active on the International Symposium circuit educating clinicians and others. He recently announced being a Keynote Speaker and Scientific Panel member at the 2nd International Meet On Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems and the International Experts Summit on Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

“I’m not stepping out of my role as an educator quite yet as we have clinicians all over the world wanting to learn about Cannabinoid Medicine – and my history is opening the door to talk about much more than one genus of plants in the plant family Cannabaceae, it’s allowing me to talk about all of them and a whole lot more. The researcher explained that these rare alkaloids are abundant worldwide and naturally consumed by people on islands and many parts of the world, where some live to be 100 years old without medical treatment,” the researcher explained.

Mike Robinson founded the Global Cannabinoid Research Center in November 2018 after he spent a year as a Director at the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine in Santa Barbara. “I felt the need to bridge the gap between the doctors at the Academy and patients as a whole, as most consumers don’t understand the terminology and need the science behind plant medicine and more explained in an easily digestible way.”

The well-known researcher was once a compassion provider that gave away Cannabis oils while fighting multiple late-stage cancers he overcame in early 2019. In late 2022, he found himself in the Cancer battle he’s in now, which came with many new inventions and creations along the way. “I just kept making new formulations and found that what was available was limited to the Alkaloids found in Mushrooms, but there’s so much more than that – they’re all over the world in rare plants,” Robinson stated.

“Mike used these rare Indole Alkaloids in his battle against cancer, inspiring the idea of creating a future medicine, adding his trademarked INDOLE-A. Once he perfects this formulation, it could create a revolution in modern medicine,” stated the Corporations C.O.O. David Uhalley.

“Ingesting a wide array of interesting Indole Alkaloids caused a boost in my own body’s ability to battle daily issues, which have been immense,” said Mike Robinson, CEO of The NANO Group. “The creation comes 100% from nature and nothing else at this point; we have much more R&D to do on INDOLE-A; we’re excited to announce the trademark today and let the world know more about how Indole Alkaloids are beneficial to them.”

The journal of hematology and oncology recently published a study titled Naturally derived indole alkaloids targeting regulated cell death (RCD) for cancer therapy: from molecular mechanisms to potential therapeutic targets. The informative review provided extensive data on the regulation of cell death by indole alkaloids against different targets, facilitating the development of new strategies for cancer therapy.

“Our discussions about adding this to our R&D for future pharmaceuticals with potential investment partners have been fruitful. Mike is expanding outside of Cannabinoids in his research and development, so we may find that Indole Alkaloids will soon become part of many different next-level drugs,” stated Uhalley.

The NANO Group strives to fulfill its research mission in developing novel new medicines and possible ancillary – and they are certainly achieving this goal with their latest announcement of trademarking INDOLE-A.

“We don’t just file a trademark because we want to go through years of examination to end up with a piece of paper from the government, the R&D on Indole Alkaloids pushed us to come up with a name for what I’m studying, researching, and looking for the ability to develop, and that name is INDOLE-A,” Robinson said.

With their ambitious vision for functional food flavorings and preservatives coupled with the many creations made with sustainability firmly set at the forefront of their mission, a bright future is ahead at The NANO Group – they will continue to develop innovative solutions that will benefit us all.

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