Montrose residents to vote on marijuana ordinance

MONTROSE, Mich. (WNEM) – Next month, Montrose residents will decide whether or not to prohibit recreational marijuana establishments in their city.

Both sides have strong opinions about weed in the city.

Voters in Montrose will decide if the city should adopt an ordinance to prohibit recreational marihuana establishments. Resident Autumn Wilson plans to vote no.

“If we can’t get medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, then nobody can get off certain drugs, deal with their anxiety, deal with their depression, you know, it’s a movement for a reason,” Wilson said.

Wilson said she uses marijuana, and it’s beneficial to her.

“It helps me sleep, it helps my anxiety. Sativa, when I smoke it, it actually helps like Adderall would. You know, it helps everything,” she said.

Another resident disagrees with Wilson on this issue.

“We are a small-town community filled with neighborhoods, parks, schools, churches. And it’s just not the right place to put this kind of industry here,” resident Tim Hobson said.

Hobson said he supports the proposed ordinance. He said he believes recreational marijuana establishments don’t belong in Montrose.

“When we had some illegal marijuana places in our community a few years ago, the product was showing up in our schools,” Hobson said. “We started having more trouble and disciplinary problems with our own kids getting their hands on this material. So, we all know that proximity is a big issue when it comes to drugs.”

Voters will have the final say on May 2.

If voters approve the measure, it will repeal previously adopted ordinances that authorize and regulate recreational marijuana establishments.

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